Become a PNM Authorized Contractor

If you are interested in becoming a PNM Authorized Contractor, download, review, and complete the following application:

PNM Authorized Contractor Application

This is a writable PDF. DO NOT open it in your browser window and try to enter information. You must save the PDF to your computer, then open the PDF in Adobe Reader before entering information.

NOTE: You must be a PNM Authorized Contractor BEFORE you may apply to participate in the Quick Saver™ Program.

Submit the application via fax, email or regular mail to the PNM Business Energy Efficiency Team.

Your contact information will be added to the training invitation list and you will be contacted when the next training session is scheduled. The training sessions provide an overview of the program incentives, policies, and procedures.

If you are already an Authorized Contractor and would like to request portal access, contact our Energy Efficiency Team by clicking below:

Request portal access