Trade Ally Overview

What is a Trade Ally?

The PNM Business Energy Efficiency Program works closely with contractors, engineers and energy-saving product wholesalers, distributors and retailers who receive training on the Program and understand Program rules and procedures. These Trade Allies play an important role in educating business customers about energy efficiency options and rebates. PNM Trade Allies receive ongoing Program support and guidance and work closely with Program staff and engineers.

Benefits of being a Trade Ally:

  • Program incentives lower up-front project costs for your customers.
  • Trade Allies are listed on the Program website. Customers looking for industry professionals with Program knowledge can find your business here.
  • Access to Program marketing materials that help you sell your energy efficiency products and services.
  • Networking opportunities with PNM Account Managers and other Trade Allies.

Become a Trade Ally

If you are interested in becoming a PNM Trade Ally, please download and complete the following documents:

  • Trade Ally Application (updated March 2017)
    • This is a writable PDF. DO NOT open it in your browser window and try to enter information. You must SAVE the PDF to your computer, then open the PDF in Adobe Reader from your hard drive, before entering information.
    • NOTE: You must be an approved Trade Ally BEFORE you may apply to participate in the Quick Saver program.

Submit these documents via fax, email or regular mail to the PNM Business Energy Efficiency Team. Your contact information will be added to the training invitation list and you will be contacted when the next training session is scheduled. The training sessions provide an overview of program incentives, policies, and procedures.