PNM Business Energy Efficiency Programs offer incentives to business customers to help improve energy usage by installing energy efficient equipment. Choose the application below that best fits your project.

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New Construction Program

A ground-up, comprehensive approach to high-performance buildings. Apply for incentives when implementing more efficient designs and for conducting enhanced building commissioning in new construction.


Retrofit Program

Retrofit rebates can help offset the cost of improving your existing facility. Apply for incentives when installing more efficient equipment at an existing facility.


Quick Saver™ Program

One-stop savings with an assessment, instant incentives and installation. Small businesses work closely with authorized contractors to apply for incentives when installing more efficient equipment at an existing facility.


Distributor Discount Program

Get immediate, point-of-sale discounts from authorized distributors. Authorized equipment distributors sell eligible, high-efficiency equipment that is instantly discounted through a PNM incentive to eligible commercial or industrial customers.


Building Tune-Up Program

Earn incentives for implementing best practices that improve the efficiency of your operation. The PNM Building Tune-Up Program offers incentives for commercial customers to optimize building performance and improve facility efficiency for small, medium and large commercial buildings using a whole-building approach.


Multifamily Program

Rebates designed specifically for the needs of multifamily communities, with savings incentives available for income-qualified properties, in-unit, and common areas upgrades, the Multifamily Program offers an easy way to achieve energy efficiency savings.

Choose the appropriate document below to review detailed policies and procedures for the corresponding program:

Step 1 (for all applications)

  • Save the appropriate rebate application file to your computer's hard drive.
  • Note: DO NOT open a PDF application in your browser window and try to enter information. You must SAVE the PDF to your computer, then OPEN the PDF in Adobe Reader® from your hard drive, before entering information. Click here to download the free, latest version of Adobe Reader version 8.0 or later.
  • Complete the save rebate application. Figures calculate automatically in the form.

Step 2

If your completed rebate application PDF, or other supporting documents are too large to send via email, you may submit them to us using our secure file transfer.

How it works:

Using SFT, your attached file(s) are encrypted and stored securely on a server. The PNM Business Energy Efficiency team then downloads your file(s) from the server.


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Steps to submit your large file(s) via SFT:

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  3. Once you are a registered user: follow the onscreen instructions to upload your file(s).
    1. Important: Enter in the "To:" field. (The SFT cannot be used to send files to anyone outside the PNM Business Energy Efficiency team).
    2. Reference the project's installation address in the subject line.
    3. Click the "choose file" button to select your desired file(s) from your computer's hard drive.
    4. Check the "send notification on file delivery" box to receive a receipt notification email when we download your sent file(s).
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